Great War Aerodrome Centenary Show – Stow Maries, Essex – 18 September 2016

An airshow and fly-in took place at Stow Maries Aerodrome to mark its centenary. It is the most original World War One aerodrome still in existence, and was opened in September 1916 with the aim of protecting London from attack by Zeppelin airships and Gotha bombers. Closed in 1919, the land was returned to agricultural use but many of the airfield’s buildings have remained untouched and are now being preserved and restored. A number of replica Great War aircraft are now based at Stow Maries, and a BE2 performed at the event, a type that served there one hundred years ago. A Sopwith Snipe illustrated the evolution of Great War aviation, with its more robust build and armament. The ever popular Turbulent Display Team performed their ‘barnstorming’ acts, including accurate flour-bombing – as witnessed by the condition of their target ‘Chateau le Turbs’!

When flying had finished for the day the airside gate was opened to allow the public the welcome opportunity to get a closer look at the aircraft.