VE Day 70th Anniversary Airshow – Duxford – 23 May 2015

This show was always going to be remembered for the public display debut of ARCo’s Bristol Blenheim Mk.IF, but it offered a great deal more, with HAC’s Hawker Fury also debuting, and a number of other new schemes and rarely seen aircraft – such as HAC’s Hurricane in Polish Sqn. colours, the beautiful ‘Mystery Ship’, Norwegian Spitfire Foundation’s Mustang ‘The Shark’ (previously a regular at UK airshows as ‘Old Crow’), and for many a final chance to see a Sea King display before the type is retired from service. Ground events focused on the VE Day theme, with visitors encouraged to join in with the celebrations. Sadly the weather remained overcast for most of the day, just about breaking for the final acts of a highly original and enjoyable flying programme.

DSC_6619-PW DSC_6624-PW

Duxford, Cambs, UK - 23 May 2015. Marking the seventieth anniversary of VE Day and seventy-fifth anniversary of the Battle of Britain, a Bristol Blenheim Mark I fighter carried out its first public display after many years of restoration. It is the only flying Blenheim in the world. Blenheims were in service with the RAF at the outbreak of World War Two, and this one was joined by two Mark I Spitfires of 1939/40 vintage recreating a sight possibly not seen since that era.Other flypasts and ground events also marked VE Day

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