Essex Armed Forces Day & Military Festival – Orsett, Essex – 2 July 2016

Organised by the Essex Military Support Association charity, the event raised funds for the Soldier’s Charity and the Essex Air Ambulance. It featured Essex artist Stacey Solomon (former ‘Queen of the Jungle’ and X-Factor finalist) and fellow local singer Charlotte Meldrum, plus the Colchester Military Wives Choir, Portsmouth Action Field Gun Team, and dog and athletic displays. The RAF’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire and Hurricane carried out flypasts over the parading troops, and bands added to the military content. It was a day of fun for all the family, as well as a chance to meet and say thanks to the armed forces.aDSC_1303-PhilWhalleyaDSC_1312-PhilWhalleybDSC_8159-PhilWhalleybDSC_8224-PhilWhalleybDSC_8234bDSC_9909-PhilWhalleycDSC_8321-PhilWhalleycDSC_8452dDSC_0046-PhilWhalleydDSC_8831dDSC_8932dDSC_8949-PhilWhalleydDSC_9073-PhilWhalleydDSC_9590-PWDSC_1425-PhilWhalleyDSC_1430-PhilWhalleyDSC_1575-PhilWhalleyDSC_8778-PhilWhalleyDSC_9168-PWDSC_9212-PhilWhalleyDSC_9228-PhilWhalleyDSC_9505-PWDSC_9506-PhilWhalleyeDSC_1365-PhilWhalleyeDSC_9142-PhilWhalleyeeDSC_1556-PhilWhalleyfDSC_1457-PhilWhalleyfDSC_1519fDSC_1529-PhilWhalleyfDSC_9685-PhilWhalleyfDSC_9706-PhilWhalleyfDSC_9726-PhilWhalleyfDSC_9752-PhilWhalleygDSC_8721-PhilWhalleyhDSC_1472-PhilWhalleyhDSC_9371rDSC_1572-PhilWhalleyrDSC_1581-PWrDSC_9827-PWrDSC_9830-PhilWhalleyyDSC_0108-PhilWhalleyyDSC_1635-PhilWhalley

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