Southend Christmas Lights Switch-on – 14 November 2015

A day of entertainment throughout the High Street culminated in a Heart Essex organised concert building up to the town’s Christmas lights switch-on. Stars included X Factor’s Jahmene Douglas, Hollie Barrie from The Voice, David Robbins and Martin Ramsdin (The Ugly Sisters from the local Cinderella production), local artist Jessica Alice, and Heart’s ‘Martin & Su’. ‘Elsa’ from Frozen had the crowd singing everyone’s ‘favourite’ winter song! Southend’s Mayor Andrew Moring joined in for the official switch-on, following which a snow storm covered the crowd – already wet from the rain!

DSC_6465-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6477-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6494-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6496-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6510-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6517-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6530-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6562-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6566-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6578-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6585-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6586-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6597-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6607-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6623-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6629-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6630-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6642-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6647-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley DSC_6650-XmasLights-14-11-15-PhilWhalley

With thanks to Heart Essex radio.

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