World Naked Bike Ride – London – 13 June 2015

The World Naked Bike Ride in London ‘gives people the chance to prove that the bike is a great alternative mode of transportation for travelling the city and a celebration of the human body’. Although not a protest, it is designed to also raise awareness of pollution and the politics around fossil fuels. Full or partial nudity is encouraged, as well as creative expression, but is not mandatory. Groups started at various points around London before joining up into a large group and circling the city and eventually converging on the Wellington Arch. The event drew such a large crowd on the ‘north’ end of Westminster Bridge that it inadvertently created a traffic free zone! This is illustrated by the second image below, with photographers jockeying for clearer views and spilling out into the road. A quick re-positioning allowed for clearer images as the cyclists crossed into south London, with another move catching them heading down The Mall towards Buckingham Palace.

ADSC_8705-PW2 BDSC_8759-PW BDSC_8767-PW2 BDSC_8773-PW2 BDSC_8832-PW2 BDSC_8841CP BDSC_8844-PW2 BDSC_8860-PW BDSC_8870-PW BDSC_8873-PW2 BDSC_8884-PW BDSC_8890-PW2 BDSC_8898CP BDSC_8903-PW BDSC_8915-PW DSC_6879-PW2 DSC_6908-PW2 DSC_8923-PW2 DSC_8938-PW2 DSC_8947-PW2 DSC_8958-PW2 DSC_8964-PW2 DSC_8987-PW2 DSC_8989-PW2 DSC_8991-PW2 DSC_9002-PW2 DSC_9006-PW2 DSC_9022-PW2 DSC_9030-PW2 DSC_9036-PW2

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