Southend Shakedown – Bank Holiday Monday 6 April 2015

Whilst the rest of the UK enjoyed hot sunny weather a bank of heavy cloud covered the east coast, creating pretty grim conditions for the ‘Shakedown’. Seen as the first chance for many bikers to get out after the winter, groups gather at locations such as the Ace Cafe in London before heading for Southend seafront. The event attracts bikes and bikers of all shapes and sizes, as the following illustrates:

DSC_4803-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_4829-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_4837-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_4857-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_4869-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_4872-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_4880-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_4882-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_4895-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_4898-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_4899-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_4901-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_4948-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_4952-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_4983-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_5021-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_5033-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_5044-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_5054-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley DSC_5068-Shake-6-4-15-PhilWhalley

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