The Goodwood Revival – September 2014 – Freddie March Spirit of Aviation

The Goodwood Revival took place at the historic airfield and racing circuit over the three days 12th to the 14th September 2014. The Revival is a unique and very special event, with so many aspects worthy of their own photo-reports. First, here, is the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation Exhibition presented by Eve.

Amongst the selection of thirty lovely machines a beautiful Cessna 195 Business Liner owned by Dirk Sadlowski was named the winner of the concours d’elegance competition. The 1949 aircraft, which was the first to be produced by Cessna in all-aluminium form, came out on top as a panel of expert judges, which included TV presenter and keen aviator Carol Vorderman, political correspondent John Sergeant, pioneering Formula 1 and road-car designer Gordon Murray, Mike Davis, managing director of Midair, aviator Tracey Curtis-Taylor, Eve managing director Nigel Quinn, British Airways’ director of flight operations Stephen Riley and Pilot Magazine’s flight test editor Dave Unwin.

Second place went to an example of the last biplane to be used by the RAF, a 1939 Gloster Gladiator owned by Stephen Grey, while third spot was taken by a 1945 de Havilland DH89a Rapide.

The most famous of the other aircraft in the display was Rob Hield’s 1960 Hiller UH-12E4, the helicopter flown by Pussy Galore in the James Bond film ‘Goldfinger’ and also used by Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in film ‘VIPs’.

Also present were a 1942 Douglas C-47 Dakota, an example of one of the 2000-strong group of aircraft that was used by the RAF, a Spitfire from Biggin Hill, an American Aeronca TA Champ and a 1960s Czech Morovan-Zlin Z326 which braved a 10-hour journey to make it to the Revival.

The area also offers a more ‘chilled’ zone for the public to picnic and generally enjoy the atmosphere away from the more packed and busy environment elsewhere at the event.

ausDSC_4181-Goodwood-12-9-14-PhilWhalley ausDSC_4978-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley beeDSC_4129-Goodwood-12-9-14-PhilWhalley beeDSC_4152-Goodwood-12-9-14-PhilWhalley beeDSC_4326-Goodwood-12-9-14-PhilWhalley beeDSC_4331-Goodwood-12-9-14-PhilWhalley beeDSC_4361-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley beeDSC_4385-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley beeDSC_4877-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley bukDSC_4527-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley cesDSC_4555-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley chipDSC_4525-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley chipDSC_4648-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley dakDSC_0038-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley dakDSC_4253-Goodwood-12-9-14-PhilWhalley dakDSC_4373-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley dakDSC_4641-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley dragDSC_4549-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley dragDSC_4960-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley gladDSC_4413-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley gladDSC_4632-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley gladDSC_4901-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley gladDSC_4967-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley huDSC_4734-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley judgDSC_0611-pw judgDSC_4852-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley judgDSC_4870-pw mgDSC_4135-Goodwood-12-9-14-PhilWhalley mgDSC_4847-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley midDSC_4762-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley midDSC_4919-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley midDSC_4921-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley midDSC_5016-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley peepsDSC_4207-Goodwood-12-9-14-PhilWhalley peepsDSC_4224Goodwood-12-9-14-PhilWhalley peepsDSC_8972-Goodwood-12-9-14-PhilWhalley reDSC_4761-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley spitDSC_4999-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley spitDSC_9419-Goodwood-12-9-14-PhilWhalley staDSC_4249-Goodwood-12-9-14-PhilWhalley tDSC_4744-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley tDSC_4750-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley veeDSC_4364-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley winDSC_1948-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley winDSC_4418-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley winDSC_4954-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley winDSC_5023-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley winDSC_5028-Goodwood-14-9-14-PhilWhalley zuDSC_4237-Goodwood-12-9-14-PhilWhalley zzDSC_4679-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley zzDSC_4680-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley zzDSC_4684-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley zzDSC_4695-Goodwood-13-9-14-PhilWhalley

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