Farnborough International Airshow Trade Days – 14/15 July 2014

The trade days at Farnborough provide an opportunity for the aerospace industry to promote their products to potential customers, from gargantuan Airbus A380s to the smallest component. The major aircraft manufacturers announce their latest sales in front of the press, often amounting to many billions of dollars, and host visiting dignitaries and purchasing representatives from countries around the world.

Airbus debuted their A350, and Boeing their 787-9, whilst Lockheed Martin failed to follow suit with their much vaunted F-35 after the type suffered issues in the US.

DSC_0050-FIA-15-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_0128-FIA-15-7-14-T129ATAK-PhilWhalley DSC_0332-FIA-15-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_0375-FIA-15-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_0379-FIA-15-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_0407-FIA-15-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_2395-pw DSC_2399-FIA-14-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_2465-pw DSC_2469-FIA-14-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_2481-pw DSC_2512-FIA-14-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_2518-FIA-14-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_2525-FIA-14-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_2530-FIA-14-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_2545-FIA-14-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_2664-pw DSC_2683-FIA-15-7-14-PW DSC_2720-FIA-15-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_2729-FIA-15-7-14-PW DSC_2734-pw DSC_2742-FIA-15-7-14-PW DSC_2754-pw DSC_2765-PietroRosaTBM-FIA-15-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_2779-pw DSC_2785-pw DSC_2792-pw DSC_2797-FIA-15-7-14-PW DSC_2798-FIA-15-7-14-PW DSC_2806-FIA-15-7-14-PW DSC_2830-pw DSC_2833-pw DSC_2853-FIA-15-7-14-PW DSC_2878-FIA-15-7-14-787-9-PhilWhalley DSC_2929-FIA-15-7-14-Qatar-PhilWhalley DSC_9132-FIA-14-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_9160-FIA-14-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_9187-FIA-14-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_9255-FIA-14-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_9580-FIA-14-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_9588-FIA-14-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_9616-FIA-15-7-14-E-Star-PhilWhalley DSC_9631-FIA-15-7-14-E-Fan-PhilWhalley DSC_9772-FIA-15-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_9891-FIA-15-7-14-PhilWhalley DSC_9921-FIA-15-7-14-PhilWhalley

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