Sonisphere Rock Festival – Knebworth – 5 July 2014

As well as the ‘Fokkers’ event covered below the event offered three days of assorted heavy metal bands and side-show entertainment. With the main stages sadly off limits for photography the following cover a little of the event’s offerings, including bands such as Reckless Love, Glamour of the Kill, Black Spiders and Safety Fire. The weather was typical of that at a UK festival, though thankfully remained fine for the dog-fighting.

DSC_1862-pw DSC_1864-pw DSC_1869-pw DSC_1872-Son-5-7-14-PhilW DSC_1875-Son-5-7-14-PhilW DSC_1879-pw DSC_1880-pw DSC_1885-pw DSC_1888-pw DSC_1892-pw DSC_4738-Reckps DSC_4745-pw DSC_4749-Son-5-7-14-PhilW DSC_4751-Anth DSC_4768-possVirgin-Sonis-5-7-14-PhilW DSC_4776-Son-5-7-14-PW DSC_4793-Sonis-5-7-14-PhilW DSC_4820-Sonis-5-7-14-PhilW DSC_4880-Sonis-5-7-14-PW DSC_4887-Sonis-5-7-14-PW DSC_4906-PW DSC_4941-PW DSC_4957-pw DSC_4963-PW DSC_4966-Sonis-5-7-14-PW DSC_4969-pw

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