The ICON sculpture at Goodwood FoS – 27 June 2014

Marking the fortieth anniversary of Concorde’s first transatlantic flight Sebastian Conran’s ‘ICON’ was displayed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed Aviation Exhibition as an art sculpture celebrating British engineering. Using the nose section of the sixth Concorde – a test airframe – the sculpture was unveiled in 2013 at Royal Ascot after six years of work. The airframe was in use at Farnborough until 1983 after which the forward section was gifted to Brooklands, where much of the work towards the Concorde programme took place. The nose section was later sold to raise funds towards the restoration of complete Concorde G-BBDG.

The future of the sculpture has yet to be decided, but has understandably attracted a great deal of interest. One consideration has been for mounting on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

DSC_1616-FOS-27-6-14-PhilWhalley DSC_1847-FOS-29-6-14-PhilWhalley DSC_1858-FOS-29-6-14-PhilWhalley DSC_1859-FOS-29-6-14-PhilWhalley

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