Former Visteon workers protest against Ford over pensions


On the 13 March a number of former Visteon workers marched on Parliament in protest against the actions of the company’s former owners Ford, who they believe are not honouring pension schemes. The date marked the fourth anniversary of Visteon going into administration.

The car components firm had been in business since taking over some Ford operations in 2000. The former employees claim the value of their pensions dropped substantially when Ford transferred their retirement funds to the care of Visteon. The union Unite began legal action against Ford over the issue in the High Court in January 2011. Former worker John Elvins said: “We only transferred on the basis of the promises that Ford were making to us. We’re asking Ford to uphold these promises. I’ve lost nearly 40% of my pension that I was told I would get on retirement. The effect of it is that after 40 years, and working for seven years at Visteon, I’ve ended up with a 26-year pension.”


Plaid Cymru Assembly Member Bethan Jenkins (seen speaking above) said: “Hundreds of Welsh workers have lost significant sums of money after being misled in the most callous way. They continue to wait for Visteon and Ford to own up to their responsibilities and pay the £350m deficit that they owe.The issue will not go away until workers have secured a fair settlement, and the sooner that happens, the better.”

Ford says it views the claim as being without merit, and will defend its position vigorously.

Other speakers as the rally arrived at Westminster included MPs Nick de Bois and Geraint Davies who are pictured below:



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